So, with the weather as lovely as it is currently, and the urge to go out for a few scoops with your mates higher than ever, we’ve put together a list to help you enjoy your isolation a little bit more.

Choosing five mixes to suit these sunny, warm and long evenings is no easy task, so you can expect a few more of these lists to grace your newsfeeds over the coming days or weeks. Please in the mean time, continue to isolate so we can dance together soon.

Self isolating is no easy task either, so stick on these mixes, light up the barbecue, open a nice cold can / bottle or have a cuppa and enjoy this precious time that we’ll never (hopefully) see again in our lifetimes.

1. HNNY – Boiler Room x Red Bull Music Academy – Stockholm (2013)
Unfortunately, there is a real lack of mixes online from HNNY. Thankfully, this Boiler Room remains and is a staple for sunny evenings.
After taking an indefinite break from music and touring a few years ago, HNNY’s heartwarming and uplifting tracks have been a saviour at times, this mix features some of them and is certainly nothing less than uplifting.

2. Four Tet – Streaming from Isolation (2020)
A more recent addition to the list, recorded just a month ago during isolation, Four Tet graced us with just over an hour of his sounds. Lockdown has seen a massive change in club culture, and a massive shift towards live sets, this Four Tet one is one we can get behind!

3. Jamie XX – BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix (2020)
Another recent mix, however it didn’t seem appropriate to put this list together and exclude something we’ve been listening to since it came out. This marks his first Essential Mix since 2011 and her certainly came back with a bang.

4. Detroit Swindle – BUDX Amsterdam x Mixmag (2020)
If you don’t automatically think of Detroit Swindle when thinking about sunny evenings, you should. The duo have been some of the most popular names on the house circuit for quite some time and their mixes show exactly why. Despite a few questionable additions from the MC, this mix is perfect for your bbq.

5. Orpheu The Wizard – Dekmantel x Boiler Room (2016)
The Bubblegum collective’s favourite, and Red Light Radio’s Orpheu The Wizard. The Wizard is best described as real Selector, with varying and ever changing sets, however best know for his percussion and absolutely uplifting sounds, which are definitely showcased in this set. You can’t help but smile and sway while this is gracing your speaker. Play it loud.

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