Higher Vision’s return to Navan Racecourse is an eagerly awaited one with a star studded lineup and an exciting rise in production across the board, this is set to be a big one. 

If you’re deciding on whether to go or not, here’s a few reasons you shouldn’t miss out on one of the hottest one day festivals of the year.

Boiler Room Irish Festival Debut

Boiler Room hosts their very own stage at Higher Vision this year, showcasing the best of what Ireland has got to offer. KETTAMA, Tommy Holohan, Cailín, ELLLL, DART and George Feely take center stage for what is expected to be all exciting debuts from every artist involved. This is a Boiler Room’s first visit to Ireland since Hangar in 2016, making this their Irish festival debut; This is one not be missed.

Jeff Mills Sunset Set

Famous after last years closing set from Sam Paganini, the sunset set is a sight not to miss with the wizard Jeff Mills takes over from Sam Paganini’s role last year. Jeff Mills returns to Ireland after his last visit in District 8 before the popular venue was knocked down for commercial space. His famous 909 sound will blend perfectly into the Navan surroundings and will be a fitting end to the festival.

International Lineup

The lineup this year is filled with international and local stars that make it a standout lineup of one day festival this year. Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke, Alan Fitzpatrick and KiNK to just name a few off the impressive lineup, will grace Higher Vision this year. Some artists hosting their own stages make for a unique aspect making each stage that little bit more different. A selection of local stars makes up the Hijinks stage and also feature amongst the Internationals throughout the various stages on the day; providing attendees with the best of both worlds.

Heatwave Weather

With strong forecasts of hot weather coming this Saturday, where else would you want to be on a sunny day? Following up from last year’s sorcher, this year will see temperatures reaching as high as 23 degrees. The sunny and clear day will only make the sunset set even better. Attendees are advised to use sunscreen and to keep hydrated throughout the day. 

Independent Festival

Run by various figures in the Dublin and Irish music scene, Higher Vision still holds the trophy of being an independent festival. Commercialism is rampant in the current scene with the love for music and what makes the music community stay together being lost in some scenarios. Higher Vision has been able to keep the community spirit alive and well, truly a testament to the festival itself.

If we have changed your mind and you are looking for tickets for this Saturday, you can find the last of the tickets here.

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