Life Festival is our favourite weekend of the year and we look forward to it from the time it ends to the time it starts again, we’ve been there more times than we dare to remember but the love we have for the festival and the site where it takes place every year only continues to grow stronger

If you’ve been on the fence about going or if you’re someone who hasn’t yet been to Belvedere House to experience all that it has to offer, here are the five reasons why you need to get off that fence and get yourself to Life Festival 2019.

The Campsite 

When you’re going to a festival, you always have a rough timetable made out for yourself so you can see ‘x’ on this stage and ‘y’ on that stage, but the beauty of festivals is that your plans go out the window as soon as you arrive and a large part of that is due to the craic that you end up having with your mates in the campsite, we’ve often found ourselves there sat in the campsite realising that 3 hours have past since we were meant to leave for the arena. The campsite is a bit similar to the smoking area of a club, except over 100 times the size.

The Local Talent 

One of the great things about Life Festival is the sheer amount of local talent that they have on offer throughout the weekend. Both the Toast & Index stage are stacked with local DJs/Producers that could easily hold their own against some of the headliners. If you do make a plan (as mentioned above), don’t be afraid deviate from it (which you inevitably will) and go check out some of the local acts on offer.

The Lake 

The lake is like a mini festival in itself, the view looking out to the lake is amazing and is the perfect place to chill out on the grass or the side of the lake and soak up some of the sun in between acts. There’s food stands and bars to keep you filled up and of course, the lake stage which has various local artists soundtracking the experience. This is definitely one of the best parts of the festival and can often lead to to some of the best moments of the weekend. 

The Big Blue Bus

It’s always important to stay topped up over the weekend and there’s nowhere better than the Big Blue Bus to do just that. The odds are that the majority of you are already aware of the legendary bus from visiting The Bernard Shaw, and if you are, you’ll be well aware that they make the best pizza around. You really haven’t experienced Life Festival until you’ve experienced the pizza from the Big Blue Bus with your mates.

The Main Arena Opening 

This is particularly special if you’re going on the Friday… Everyone arrives throughout the afternoon and sets up their tents, gazebos and chairs before tracking down the rest of their mates. Once all this is done and out of the way, there’s a sea of people all having their first couple of drinks of the festival while a variety of genres blare from the gazebos and clash in the air. The excitement continues to build as everyone patiently waits for the main arena to open at 6 O’Clock. Then you hear an enormous roar that starts in the distance and quickly makes its way to your site… The arena is open and the weekend officially begins. There’s a certain feeling you get at that moment that can’t quite be put in to words so if you really want see for yourself… GET A TICKET.

Life Festival takes place this weekend, May 24-26 @ Belvedere House, Mullingar.

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