One of the most common club drugs in today’s society is MDMA, but that doesn’t mean it is the safest.

According to a report published by Office for National Statistics in the UK, amphetamine-related deaths (including MDMA, PMA and PMMA) increased from 151 in 2014 to 157 in 2015.  This means there is a mortality rate of 2.7 deaths per every million population, this stat is the highest it’s ever been.

This cross over between the purity levels of MDMA and deaths is worrying. According to a report published by European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), the levels of MDMA purity in ecstasy pills have increased from averaging between 50-80 mg in the 90’s and early 00’s to roughly averaging at 125 mg a pill in 2017. There are also reports of ‘super pills’ containing 270-340 mg of MDMA in one pill.

Excluding taking pills which contain a different substance, e.g. PMA or PMMA, these MDMA levels are dangerous because it increases the chance of overdosing. Often people will take pills without testing them or even knowing what logo is on them. With websites like Pill Report, which is online data base of ecstasy around the world, this can give you a good indicator on what is in your pill and if it’s safe to consume.

Be careful out there folks and if something looks dodgy, go with your gut, there are plenty more yokes in the sea.

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