Everyone loves Kerri Chandler, I don’t think it’s possible to not like him, he’s one of the nicest people in the industry and despite all his success he has remained incredibly humble and maintains a great relationship with his fans and the promoters who bring him to their clubs.

Ahead of his much anticipated return to Belvedere House next weekend for Life Festival, we decided to round up our top 10 tracks (in no particular order) from the king himself.

Did we miss any? Let us know in our Four Four members group here

1. Sunday Sunlight

The perfect track to get you in the mood for festival season. A euphoric, uplifting house anthem that will for sure stand the test of time. A mellow track that will get you and your mates into the perfect state of mind for a day/night of partying.

2. Bar A Thym

This 2 track EP on NiteGrooves Records is one of Kerri’s great masterpieces. Bar A Thym is one of the greatest pieces of house music that has ever been written and was all inspired by the intense atmosphere of a party he played at with Dennis Ferrer. Who doesn’t love some cowbell?

3. Downtown (Dark Mix)

This minimalistic approach to this deep soulful house track works perfectly. Organ style stabs, a deep pulsating, crispy drums, a smooth vocal and some lush pads. This is house music in its purest and simplest form.

4. Keep Me Inside

This is considered one of Kerri’s best pieces and way ahead of its time. Kerri uses some UKG techniques on this track accompanied by some nicely chopped vocals. This one really takes a party up a notch when played at the right time.

 5. Oblivion

This one was released in 2006 on Soul Heaven Records. Kerri delivered the vocals on this one himself and it really takes you on a trip.

6. You’re in my System (Remix)

Between this and ‘Atmosphere’ it was hard to choose our favourite. With it being summer and the ideal weather for a singalong, we opted for this one. That feeling of excitement you get when you hear the DJ slowly tease in the organ stabs from this track never gets old, no matter how many times you’ve heard it.

 7. Mommy What’s A Record

Definitely one of the most legendary and well-known intro in house music history, it kicks off with some dialogue of Kerri chatting to a woman and son in an elevator while some wavy pads float around before a thunderous kick comes in… Always goes off!

8. Rain

Released on the legendary ‘Nervous Records’ this is, despite what the title may suggest, the perfect representation of a sunny day, sitting by the lake at Life Festival with your mates. A proper feel good track.

9.Brooklyn (Feat E-Man)

As mentioned above, we love a good singalong and there’s not many that suit that category more than this collaboration between Kerri & E-Man

10. I Need You (Mad Vocal)

From the get go, this tune carries a lot of energy. Through it’s infectious chords, distorted drums and catchy vocals, it regularly sets dancefloors alight and can be the turning point at any party. We really hope to hear him smash this one out at Life.

Did we miss any? Let us know in our Four Four members group here

Life Festival takes place May 24-26 at Belvedere House, Mullingar… You can pick up tickets here



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