Say farewell to Airbnb accommodation and a big hello to Jet Apartments once again in Ibiza…

From May onwards during the busy summer Ibiza season, the comfort and luxury of staying in an Airbnb house, flat or upmarket villa will be no more. All these will still be available obviously, but the rental app has caused a big divide in Ibiza.

The council voted to ban tourist rental of all of the above, after last year’s summer season left numerous workers on the island in dire straights while in search of accommodation for the seasonal work that goes hand in hand with the White Isle’s party season.

The general manager of the City of Ibiza Council’s tourism department, Vincent Torres said: “The arrival of digital platforms has created an unsustainable situation, what we have lived these last few summers is not positive for anyone and that is why we want the residential park to be residential and not tourism.”

He went continued in saying:

“We already have several minutes raised to owners, we are going to get very serious with them from now on because finally we have the necessary tools to act. We are also going to expedite the marketers, with whom we have very serious conflicts because they hide behind them, they do not sell homes.”

This isn’t the first time that Airbnb has come under fire for similar issues. Dublin’s housing crisis, especially in the case of student accommodation is regularly blamed on apartments and houses being used for Airbnb rather than for long term rental.

That, coupled with Airbnbs being used for afterparties has somewhat raised question marks around the app of late, however it is still one of the most useful when it comes to finding a place to stay for any quick layovers abroad, especially for day trips to the UK to the likes of Warehouse Project or Printworks.

Quotes obtained via Mixmag


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