Dublin based record store, graffiti store and record label ‘All City’ had put together a massive compilation album for record store day, however due to Coronavirus have now released it for charity.

The cultural institution that is All City has unfortunately, due to coronavirus been forced to close it’s store which will also result in a change of plan for their record store day plans, however the team behind the label and notably Lee Kelly, have turned this negative into a positive. The online shop and website is still operating if you want to check it out here.

The 21 track compilation is now being released as ‘Music For Quarantine’ and is being used to raise funds for the charity ALONE. The tracks are also available for free download, however if you are any way in a position to donate, the charity, All City and ourselves would be extremely grateful.

You can check out the previews below, or head to Bandcamp here to download and donate.

Check out the full tracklist below.

1 Ellll – Flourishing Arts
2 lastminuteman – Knot 
3 Sputnik One – Tiny Paw 
4 Rosita Moulin – Pyrrhic Victory
5 George Earnest – Another Island 
6 Der Opium Queen – Freezing Warm 
7 Lee Kelly – Never-Ending Sunday
8 Moving Still – Ya Walad  
9 Neighbours – 11 To Gardiner 
10 Peter Sweeney – Ambient 1 
11 Lockdown Tapes – Lockdown Day
12 Sias – The Swan  
13 Tr One – Moonlight Over Me
14 Philip Galvin Jnr – Remote Soul (Chill Mix)
15 Gadget And The Cloud – Never Say Hello 
16 New Members – Pho-Sho
17 Fio Fa – Control
18 Ngoni Egan – Newgreane 
19 Mode_1 – Black Bags Of Reality 
20 R.Kitt – It Shouldn’t Be, But It Is 
21 Mangetout & Erwin Morzadec – EHX 360 Improvisation 2 

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