Ana Liffey Drug Project have just announced that they will be provided drug and alcohol welfare services at this years Electric Picnic.

The hot topic of drug and alcohol consumption at festivals continues to burn like every festival season. Of course in any case not taking any drugs is the absolute best way to avoid any risks to yourself and others but if you are, educating yourself and ensuring your safety throughout, is of key importance. Their team will have their own tent where festival attendees can ask for any advice on safer choices involving drugs and alcohol.


The Ana Liffey Drug Project have provided some safety tips for anyone heading to a festival this season.

“It is always safer not to take drugs, if you decide to use drugs remember:

1.      Know your source – if you are getting drugs from someone, do not get them from a complete stranger who you do not trust. You can never be sure of the quality of drugs you are being given or sold, when you get them from a complete stranger it is even riskier.

2.      Avoid using alone – if you are going to use drugs, stay with trusted friends who can support you if anything goes wrong, tell them what you are planning to take so they can seek help if you need it.

3.      Start with a small test dose and leave at least two hours between use – there is no safe dose of illicit drugs, start with the smallest dose possible in order to see what effect you are getting and to try to avoid adverse effects.

4.      Use one drug at a time and never mix with alcohol.

5.      Don’t share drug paraphernalia – things like snorters/tooters can have small particles of blood on them which can put you at risk if you share them.

6.      Carry a condom – using drugs and alcohol can increase your sex drive. Always carry a condom incase you chose to have sex.

Remember, if you or a friend feel unwell due to drugs or alcohol, go to the medics onsite you will NOT get in to trouble, they are there to help you.”

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