In Conversation With: Surgeon

Not many producers have been as consistent over time as Anthony Child AKA Surgeon. With roots in early UK techno, his sound became one of the key pillars of industrial and left-of-centre techno at a key time for electronic music. From the outset in ... Read More...

Local Selection 199: Scidley Rott

This week's Local Selection comes from Dublin techno legend Scidley Rott, AKA Debbs. Playing the best of slamming techno, blistering breaks and sheer debauchery, the 199th edition of the series is face meltingly good. I've been lucky enough to go... Read More...

In Conversation With: Fran Hartnett

Fran Hartnett is a highly skilled multi-disciplinary artist and producer who delves into live analogue hardware and audiovisual production, alongside being a very talented artist and tattooist. We caught up with the Dublin native to discuss his late... Read More...

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