We’ve spoken about the importance of what Bandcamp are doing again today previously, today they are once again waiving all of their fee’s from the sale of music / merch which means the artists benefit more from the sale.

In a time when the main source of revenue, and often their whole income has now disappeared in the form of shows, we have to show support to the people that make us dance, all be it at home, in clubs or at festivals.

In light of this, we’ve decided to compile some of the bits we think you should support or check out!

Skin On Skin – For Your Safekeeping (Mixtape)

Skin on Skin has been on a drastic rise to the top as of lately! His productions have been top notch and being a nice guy he’s released this mixtape which you can name your price for.
This one features 16 new tracks!

“A mixtape of lost tracks, demos and edits from 2017-present that were gone but not forgotten, now for your safe keeping”.

Skream – Unreleased Classics Volume 2

Skream continues his ‘Unreleased Classics’ series today with volume 2 which features 8 tracks roughly from the years 2004 – 2006.
Old School Skream has always been a hit, we’re looking forward to hearing some of these when we get back to partying. You can also check out ‘Volume 1’ here.

Bass Agenda Recordings – CAREBOT$ (VA)

This is by far the biggest release on our list today. This VA by UK based label Bass Agenda Recordings features OVER 120 Tracks. This electro focussed album (if you can call it that) is raising funds for the NHS and Médecins Sans Frontières.
While still a work in progress and preorder you can buy this release for only £10. Massive VA for the collection!

First Second Label – Completely Sold Out Rarity (VA)

First Second Label is a Dublin based label run by Dàire Carolan. Dàire may be a familiar face to anyone familiar with All City Records or from any of his regular gigs around Dublin. This release features Lee Kelly, Sputnik One, ELLL and Bobo Funk to name a few. This is definitely one to grab!

R&S Records – In Order To Care (VA)

We covered this one yesterday however it is absolutely deserving of another mention. R&S records have put together this massive VA featuring 41 tracks & artists including Ireland’s very own R.Kitt, Sputnik One and Or:La.

Also if you want some more goodness check out Quinton Campbell’s latest release here!

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