The future of Berlin nightclub Griessmuehle is uncertain and worrying, as their lease isn’t renewed and the land is set to be sold to yet another property developer after January 31st.

Berlin is known internationally for it’s nightlife, specifically focussed on electronic music. It has been deemed the ‘Techno Capital’ of Europe and has both visitors and residents who are there specifically for the unique nightlife.

Griessmuehle is one of Berlin’s most renowned and appreciated nightclubs. It’s known for it’s massive weekend long parties and line ups, its intimate and inviting atmosphere, the silo, the amazing outdoor area which is home to an array of tree houses, burnt out cars, swings and of course the amazing canal, which is definitely one of the best places to watch the sun rise on a Sunday or Monday morning.

Berlin clubs account for a massive part of the city’s identity, economy and culture and unfortunately, they’ve recently come under fire and been facing some of the same issues our clubs here in Ireland have been facing, except the licensing hours of course.

Club culture and nightlife has been protected and supported by the German government typically, which is no surprise given that it is estimated over €1.5 Billion in revenue was brought in from the night economy in 2018.

Berlin has lost some of it’s iconic clubs and others have been forced to move such as the famous Kit Kat Club which was known for it’s fetish parties and Sage which was located on the same site as Kit Kat, both have been forced to close in June 2020 despite the owners fighting the closure. Their rental lease was up and as it looks for Griessmuehle both sites may be sold on or redeveloped. This concern faces even more clubs now with Berlin’s corporate and international business investment rising, could the city’s nightlife follow the devastation that Ireland’s has?

The above video was to highlight the issue and was done in collaboration with Berlin based graffiti crew 1up.

 The Berlin club scene is on the verge of extinction: With the announced closure of our Neukölln cultural location Griessmühle, the disaster is coming to a head.

Griessmuehle is following the same issue and it looks like they may be forced to close and let over 100 staff go at the end of this month, however the owners are not giving up on it and have started a campaign ‘SOS’ Save Our Space to draw awareness and support.

Griessmuehle hold’s a place in our hearts at Four Four and is most definitely one of the most unique and special places we’ve danced. If you’re the same, make sure to sign the petition to save the space here and share via social media with the hashtag #saveourspace

If you’re over in Berlin before the potential closure of this institution, you should DEFINITELY go check it out. You can find a list of their parties here.

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