Boiler Room have released a series of surreally shot 16mm short films called ‘Science of Sound’, which launched today exploring several essential aspects of production and more, in collaboration with speaker brand Genelec.

The episodes explore the science of certain aspects behind production, including reverb, distortion and more Рwith Wes Anderson-esque visuals and aesthetics. The video uses explanatory narration and graphics with several composers, producers and more including Caterina Barbieri, Lorenzo Senni and Not Waving.

The videos and concepts are broken down into very simple and understandable terms, making production concepts accessible to all – something Boiler Room seem to be very good at doing, while making the visuals so perfect that even if you don’t have an interest in producing, you’ll still want to watch it.

You can watch all of the videos on their website, or on youtube. 



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