Black Rock Desert, Nevada plays host to well over 70 thousand people every year from August 28 to September 5th, prior to this year Corovavirus pandemic of course, which was this year’s event cancelled.

Burning Man Festival first kicked off in 1986 on San Francisco Beach as three friends built an improvised wooden figure and dragged it to Baker beach for Summer Solstice. In celebration, they set fire to the wooden figure, which drew attention from a large crowd of inquisitive and curious folk who came to watch the fire burn. 34 years later, the festival is now housed in the Nevada Desert and draws crowds of over 70,000 revellers every single year. True story.

Time lapse video from Burning Man 2012.

After celebrating its 30th anniversary a couple of years back, the iconic festival stands out from the rest for obvious reasons. Desert storms, leave no trace ethos, its complete lack of currency, out of this world production and sound, plus the weird and wonderful art cars that roam the desert 24 hours a day.

The festival has claimed legendary status over the years, becoming the go-to for festival goers and bucket list enthusiasts. If you’ve never been, we’ve got some images and videos below that take you right into the depths of the festival, and will make you want to get saving the pennies for your next festival adventure in 2021.

You can get lost down a rabbit hole of videos, but here are some that capture the magic of the Nevada desert.

Jan Blmqvist – Mayan Warrior stage 2019

Lee Burridge – Robot Heart stage 2014.

Carl Cox – Burning Man 2019.

Pachanga Boys – Robot Heart Stage.

Art cars roaming the desert.

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