Have you ever imagined being sponsored by an alcoholic drinks brand? Well the DSNT Belfast crew need YOUR help with their very humorous and more than possible petition.

DSNT’s heaviest hitting resident, Myler, is rather fond of a bottle of Buckfast and has been pictured more times than we’d thought possible swilling away at the gooey tonic wine, with a quality video of such a scene going viral via both DSNT’s page, with Buckfast themselves even sharing the content.

The guys petition page goes on to say…

Buckfast have shared our video of Myler playing Lumen drinking Buckfast, we’re asking them to spread the love and throw us a couple of crates of buckfast and give myler a sponsorship deal. It would be really funny and also loads of craic if they actually gave us some free buckfast. Please sign and get your mates to sign and we will try to make this an actual thing lol.

Feel like signing the petition and making Myler’s dreams come true? Simply click here and get signing.

PS: If you yourself a big fan of Buckfast and will be in Dublin tonight, there’s a huge Techno event happening called Techno & Buckfast, which as you guessed it, serves up Techno and Buckfast. Incredible right? Join them in Wah Wah club tonight, you can find the event here.

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