It’s not every day that participants of the music scene get to contribute and share their experiences to help understand and improve the scene for the good, but today we all have an opportunity to do exactly that.

Together with Queen’s University Belfast and Northern Bridge Consortium we are collaborating on a research project that delves into how people experience the dance music scenes in both Dublin and Belfast.

Focusing on the two cities, the research considers who makes up the scene, and how people’s experiences may have differed based on their background, location, or barriers to entry, for example, did the lack of late night transport and disposable income impede your chances of going out to gigs? Was there a local alternative?

Another area of focus in this study is to do a deep dive of those who work in the creative industry, whether as a DJ, promoter, sound engineer, event manager, volunteer, among the many others. The research aims to highlight areas that might affect, help or limit creative work. Many of us are familiar with the lacking of a set infrastructure upon which to develop our skill set, or the lack of support and understanding for promoters, venues and artists in general. Indeed, the fact the clubs were only just included in the South of Ireland’s Arts Council funding last year truly speaks volumes.

By considering the processes of inclusion and exclusion, and analysing themes of identity, gender, and intersectionality, this research aims to bring insights into the development of electronic music in Belfast and Dublin in the last five years.

This is a confidential study, and by filling it out, which takes a matter of minutes, you are helping to contribute to an area of untapped but important research. The music scene makes up so much of our DNA, it would be a shame to let time go by without really looking at how we got here and where to go next.

The next steps will be a series of interviews by the investigator should you wish to volunteer. We highly encourage everyone involved in the music scene, whether as a fan or working in it, to take part as it will no doubt offer great insights and next steps on how to continue to develop the music scene and opportunities.

Massive thanks to Ciara Power for reaching out. This is a project we are really proud to be a part of. Find the survey here.

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