The historic RedBox opened this day in 1996, a new home for Dublin’s growing nightclub scene

Serving as one of Dublin’s most popular clubs during the late 1990’s, RedBox, a next door neighbor to The Pod, hosted some of Dublin’s most memorable shows with international acts like Jeff Mills, Daft Punk, Carl Cox, Darren Emerson, Sasha and Dave Clarke, where his set has actually been considered as his best Irish performance to date.

Believe it or not, there was actually a time that Harcourt Street was hailed as Dublin’s techno hub, purely down to this being one of the most iconic venues in our city’s history. First christened as POD, then Redbox, then Tripod and of course Crawdaddy. Each and every name for this venue injected the appreciation of underground music into a city that cried out for it.

As a former train station, with its iconic red brick arches and infamously steep stairwells; this techno maze hosted some of the most iconic raves and parties that Dublin has ever seen. Not forgetting to mention its colossal size, hitting over 1250 in capacity, this mind blowing venue was littered with areas and sections for just about anyone to get lost in – something we all love to do on a night out from time to time.

It played host to massively iconic gigs through the years, as well as being a new found home for smaller collectives and promoters throughout the city, devastating and breaking the hearts of thousands when it closed its doors in 2012.

Dave Clarke at the RedBox in 2003

Jeff Mills at the RedBox in 2002

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