Infiltrator debuts with his first EP, “Positive Negativity”

Infiltrator launches into ear shot with the artist’s debut EP, “Positive Negativity”, makes use of an array of interesting styles to create the four track release. A collection of electro, breakbeat and bass, Infiltrator has a wide and long path ahead.

Four tracks filled with rolling drum lines and open atmospheres, Positive Negativity opens eyes to a whole new dancefloor feeling with “Hyper Launch” being the most effective in the area. Flickering kick drums twinned with an attention to space and positive melodies that create varying emotion throughout. Title track, “Positive Negativity” combines local and original sounds that opens way for a dive into both emotions of positivity and negativity.

Pre-Order the full Positive Negativity EP right here.

Distorted voices and pulsing hi hats drive Hyper Launch towards an 808 cowbell, providing an unexpected but welcomed double time on kick patterns.

Listen to Infiltrator’s Hyper Launch right below:

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