Following her recent outings on Optimo and Butter Sessions Matisa wants to take you to another special place. It’s not here. It’s not there. It’s ‘Elsewhere’…

Making her debut on Biologic, young Italian newcomer Matisa’s adventure is plotted around three atmospheric, soul-affirming late-night gems that are all based around different chapters of the night and the mindset that comes with it. Loaded with an additional Kim Ann Foxman remix, this trip has something for everyone. Available now via Biologic Records.

We’re excited to premiere the track ‘Are You Not Sleepy’ from this EP, The track is Inspired by the post-show brain chaos mindset we can all relate to, it’s up-tempo, it’s trance-influenced, it’s Matisa capturing that infuriating but exciting fizzy inspiration and adrenaline rush we all experience after a fulfilling show.

Also on the EP are ‘I Need A Bit Of Poetry’, Matisa’s yearning for substance and meaning wrapped up in a bright, breezy timeless piece of house music that borders on the majestic realms of progressive. Think about poetry in all forms of life… Connections, adventure, but most of all โ€“ music.

And or the final chapter of this accomplished label debut, ‘The Curtain Falls’, Matisa takes us back to the source of that adrenaline rush. A bubbling disco house thumper, all reverbed drums and big synths, it’s inspired by the moment when your set kicks in and the crowd are right behind you every track of the way and you lay your soul down bare for everyone to enjoy. If there’s a place more special than that, we’ve yet to find it. Welcome to Elsewhere… We ain’t going nowhere.

Check out ‘ Are You Not Sleepy’ now and you can purchase it here!

You can also check out Matisa on Soundcloud here to stay up to date with her music.

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