This is the first single from PercBoi 3000’s debut album titled “Memento”, releasing on TSRR this April.

Percboi 3000 is the co-founder of The Star Room Records label, alongside Daire Bates. The Label started in November last year, but this album has been in the works long before then, starting out as a 4 track EP growing into the end result of an album. 

After debuting his live set during the 2019 ‘Lapoff’ competition at Ulster Sports Club (Winning the event), PercBoi has been gathering momentum ever since, with bookings for Korova + AVA festival, plus supporting Max Cooper in the MAC for the opening concert of the festival. 

Don’t Trip is a nostalgic arm around the shoulder, a reassuring message that everything will work out in the end. (Fitting at times like these).

PercBoi also runs a YouTube channel, where he demonstrates his musical abilities with beautifully crafted live jams. Check it out here.


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