Dutch artist, Tim Tama launches his new label, Dreamscape, with a four track EP, Phases On The Tide

Creating the perfect mix between industrial techno and rock punk, Tim Tama has delivered his latest release in the form of an excellent four track EP, Phases Of The Tide. The new EP also launches his newly formed label, Dreamscape. The label was created in an effort to broaden his creative output and discover more of his own musical tastes; this ideology can be see with this latest EP, as it stands out from the more cliche type of techno.

We premiere his track, Splintered. Punk techno at its very best. A distorted electric guitar makes for the centre piece of the track, joined by an unlikely set of light pads that introduce a melancholy atmosphere as dark and bright tones clash brilliantly. Powerful percussion surround these elements throughout, creating only one of four killer tracks from Tim Tama.

Planned for release on the 15th of November, Tim Tama is set to make a big mark with his new venture.

Pre-order your copy of the Phases Of The Tide EP right here.

Check out the full premiere of Splintered, right here:

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