Getting you in the mood for Halloween with ten of our favourite spooky tracks.

Halloween is just around the corner as spooky season is in full swing. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite terrifying brilliant tracks to get you in the mood for the 31st.

Have a listen to our favourite spooks:

Aphex Twin – Come To Daddy

Distorted bass line, screeching vocals and a chopped break beat make for one of Aphex Twin’s most impressive and scary pieces of work.

Josh Wink – Don’t Laugh

The ominous ‘Don’t Laugh’ track by Josh Wink certainly makes listeners uncomfortable plays alongside one of Josk Winks distinct acid lines.

Al Ferox – Michael Jackson is Dead 

Creative sampling from news reports of arguably one of the worlds biggest music deaths, this hair raising track leads with the ‘Michael Jackson is Dead’ vocal that is joined by thunderous percussion and haunting synths that make this very worthy of its selection.

Dentis – 90’s Bohemian Rave

A skeleton shaking kick and sinister synths create a frightening atmosphere albeit an ideal peak time rave track.

Eomac – Spoock

Coming from Irish producer Eomac, unsettling high pitched synths and a thumping kick drum set the track up as the perfect Halloween night track.

Aphex Twin – Elephant Song

Another masterpiece from Aphex Twin delivers a gut-wrenching percussive patterns with an unforgettable scream providing a full impact track.

Blawan – Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage

Creepy vocals saying the title name repeatedly features on top of frightful synths that come and go, creating an uncertain atmosphere.

Perc – Spit

Relentess kick drum patterns and erie pads, make way for a horrifying and distressing vocal that makes this the most disturbing of a unsettling bunch of tracks.

SNTS – ES19.1

Randomer – Bring

A menacing lead synth makes this track stand out as an ideal warehouse ready track.

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