We’re all used to hearing the stories of when clubs and councils clash, but this story makes for a more than welcome change. This story is one of clubs and councils working together and keeping everybody happy. 
It came to our attention earlier today that the council in Berlin have made one-million-euros available to clubs in built up, gentrified areas to get themselves soundproofed. This investment from the council keeps both the clubs and the people happy.
This government-led initiative allows clubs and music venues who cannot afford the soundproofing to apply for state-funded support. This is yet another way in which the council supports German nightlife and club culture.
It’s refreshing to see the government and council’s getting involved and working alongside club/venue owners to make sure they stay open and really shows how they value and acknowledge both the culture and the benefits of night-time economy.
It’s bittersweet for us seeing this kind of support because even though it’s refreshing to see, we can’t help but feel sad that the exact opposite is happening here in Ireland, with clubs being torn down around the country and being replaced by hotels and other big money business.
Cities like Berlin, Amsterdam and Hamburg are showing us that clubs and councils can work together for the greater good… so why is it that things are so one-sided here in Ireland?
Organisations such as Give Us The Night have been working hard behind the scenes for a number of years now, trying to advance Ireland’s nightlife and help us catch up with other major cities. 
Give them a follow here and show your support.
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