Yesterday, the Give Us The Night campaign posted their new mandate which proposed a number of ways in which Ireland could potentially grow its night-time economy. The mandate touches on a number of topics such as later opening hours, tourism, public transport and late-license fees. 

The heads of the movement have been working tirelessly behind the scenes, doing everything they can to try and gain the attention of politicians and lawmakers in order to push their vision for Irish nightlife in 2019 and beyond.

You can read the mandate for yourself here

Along with that announcement, they told us to keep our eyes peeled for more big news.

That big news has come today in the form of a number of meet-ups and gatherings around Ireland with the aim of getting the information out there, getting more people involved and keeping up the momentum going forward.

These meet-ups are scheduled to take place in Galway, Limerick, Dublin, Cork and Waterford over the coming weeks.

Here’s when/where you can find them and the event links;

21/01 – The Sugar Club, Dublin [Event]

22/01 – Pálás Cinema, Galway [Event]

23/01 – Record Room, Limerick [Event]

29/01 – The Roundy, Cork [Event]

30/01 – Central Arts, Waterford [Event]

Follow the Give Us The Night page here to stay up to date with the campaign.


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