As the days move on we edge closer and closer to the end of the majority of restrictions which takes place on October 22nd. While we wait to hear the finer details on the reopening, it seems the government may be toying with the idea of staggered closing times for the night-time industry.

The cabinet will open the discussion around major changes in alcohol licensing, this will make life easier for cultural venues such as galleries, theatres, music venues and exhibition spaces to be granted licences.

It is proposed that the cabinet may repeal the Public Dance Hall Act 1935 as part of government efforts to support culture, hospitality and nightclub sectors. This will not only help existing venues, but make it far more accessible to open new venues.

Change in trading hours for pubs and nightclubs is also going to be under consideration. Staggered and extended closing times for bars and possibly nightclubs are under consideration as well as bringing Sunday trading times into line with the rest of the week.

Catherine Martin will present recent findings from the night-time economy task force to the cabinet. The culture minister will also ask for additional supports to be put in place to allow cafes and clubs to open later for culture and live events from Monday to Thursday, as well as ways to develop options for alcohol-free activities.

The report also states how the electronic music and nightclub sector is an integral part of the night-time economy and culture. There will also be a possibility that planning codes could be changed to allow empty buildings to be used for events.

This is absolutely fantastic news for club culture in Ireland and most definitely makes the landscape of the Irish club scene a little more prosperous within the coming months.

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