After two weeks of complete guesswork, the guesswork has actually stepped up a notch. We’ve been told nightclubs will open their doors this Friday, but in what capacity, we don’t know.

While masks in shops and public transport will still be part of everyday life for a good while yet, especially as we experience an increase in Covid cases and hospitalisations, some regulations have been relaxed today.

It’s certainly not the grand re-opening we were told we’d get, but nightclubs will seemingly be allowed to open, providing attendees can produce a valid Digital Covid Certificate, which is part of the government’s new reopening plan.

19 months on from the beginning of the pandemic and we finally have the opportunity to step inside the doors of a nightclub. Between now and March 2020 there has been a heap of back and forward on the future of nightclubs and this has continued right up to the point of the announcement which landed this afternoon.

The lack of clarity in relation to whether we can dance or we will have to be seated comes as no surprise, but still hugely disappointing. As it stands we do know nightclubs will be open, but the details on how they will operate are still unclear.

“There will be anomalies” says Taoiseach when asked about strange issues in difference between treatment of nightclubs and pubs. This leaves the nightlife industry with a sour taste in our mouths as we still have no clarity in what nightclub events will look like in just three days from now.

‘Specific sectoral guidance will be developed for nightclubs setting out appropriate protective measures. This will involve COVID-19 passes, contact tracing data collection and wearing of face masks except when eating, drinking and dancing’ –

I feel like knew more about the re-opening yesterday than I do now. Information has once again been leaked from media as opposed to politicians which creates a lot of confusion surrounding re-opening. It has also stated that we can dance without our face mask but it is unclear on whether this is at a seated table or not. Hopefully we will know more soon.

Other restrictions being lifted.

Stadiums will now be allowed full capacity.
Weddings can take place with full attendees
Pub curfew of 11.30 will no longer be in place
Covid vaccination boosters will be offered to over 60’s

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