Issued on behalf of the Events Production Industry COVID-19 Working Group (EPIC), a member of the Events Industry Alliance (EIA)

It was announced that September 14th – 20th will be National Awareness Week for the Live Entertainment & Event Industry in Ireland. The public is invited to join the sector and raise awareness plus support all its workers and their families, as Ireland continues to battle the pandemic.

On the 12th of March last, the commercial Live Entertainment & Events Industry stopped. Over 35,000 workers who are dependent on this vital commercial sector, whose workforce has had no opportunity to earn income for it, for over six months. This is the only sector that still remains in forced lockdown.

What can you do to help? Visit the EPIC website here, to follow some easy steps on how to share this information, who to email, plus some downloadable images for your socials.

If you miss live gigs, theatre, festivals and the memories and joy that they bring then support the live event industry by mailing your TD by clicking this link

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