Jamie Behan is without doubt one of the most important characters in the Irish techno scene and has had his fair share of success through his internationally-renowned label Bastardo Electrico as well as his close ties with Berlin-based label and party series Killekill, which has seen him play in legendary clubs such as Griessmuehle and Tresor. 

He’s been busier than ever as of late with his demand both here and abroad constantly growing both as a solo artist and as his Flexure alias which he makes up one half of alongside Stephen Mahoney. The pair have released some impressive EPs on both Behan’s Bastardo Electrico and the esteemed Shelter Records.

We’ve been told that Behan has another solo EP on the way as well as another collaboration on Gobsmacked Records with Diarmuid O’Meara.

It’s no small feat to be invited on as a guest for Slam Radio. Slam have been key in carving out the electronic music landscape in the UK and Europe for well over 25 years now through their legendary parties, production and iconic Soma Recordings imprint.

He stepped up in style and delivered a pulsating mix of techno, electro, industrial and breakbeat tracks, all perfectly woven together. His quickfire approach to DJing sees the Cork native play 78 tracks in the 2 hours.

You’d be mad not to check this out!


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