Jeff Mills needs absolutely little to no introduction, he is one of the most prominent, recognisable and influential names in electronic music. His label Axis Records follows suit and also fits within the same brackets and has just announced it’s expansion.

Founded by the label owner and operator, Jeff Mills, in New York City in 1992, Axis records went on to become one of the most respected and admired techno labels worldwide. With Mills releasing most of his music on the label, it became a staple to all techno fans. After relocating the label to Chicago in 1994, Mills set out on expanding his passion project.

“Mills explores various other type of labels, such as Running Records, Luxury Records, but finally decides to call his first sub-label Purpose Maker. Then, he creates a label based for all his forthcoming future works simply entitled “Tomorrow”. He also began to explore different methods of releasing material through other sources such as exclusive licensing to other record labels, records shops and distributors in Europe”. – Axis

From there, the growth of the label continued, and more sub labels began to emerge from the giant. This includes the famous ‘Purpose Maker’ which was founded in 1996.

Jeff Mills is notoriously liked to Sci-Fi like projects and tendencies, his fascination with space is evidently linked throughout his music, this filtered through to the label and in 2003 he launched ‘Mission 6277’ to develop young talents. The label was designed to continue until the evidence of water is found on Mars and now the Mission has concluded.

Ever since it’s humble beginnings in New York in 1992, Axis has grown and adapted to the changes we’ve seen through the history of dance music, and that has not changed. Mills has just announced the expansion of Axis Records with a signed letter explaining the future of the label.

You can see what Jeff Mills has in mind and what the future holds for Axis in his letter below.

The future of Axis brighter than ever, and with the planned upcoming releases being a glimpse of that, we’re excited to see what is yet to come from Mills and the Axis team as they continue to branch out and expand.

We’ll keep you up to date with these new releases as they surface.

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