Rhythm From are a relatively new, French-based label with a love for the global dance scene, taking interest in the various local scenes around the world.

This is only their second release on the label, with the first being a well-received V/A focused on the city of Toulouse.

They’ve shifted their focus to Ireland for this release ‘Rhythm From Dublin’, picking up tracks from the likes of Adamant, Quinton Campbell, Bernard’s Son, Dylan Forbes and a bonus digital track from Small Bear.

The record is top class from start to finish with some great original tracks like Adamant’s ‘City Light With U’ as well as some sample-based house cuts like Quinton’s ‘DEJA’ and Small Bear’s ‘Baker’ which we actually picked up for a premiere recently.

We’ve been really looking forward to this release ever since we got the promos a couple of weeks ago and we’re delighted that it’s finally here and available for everyone to enjoy.

Check out some of the tracks below and pick up your copy here

Quinton Campbell – DEJA

Bernard’s Son – Thursday 

Adamant – City Light With U 

Small Bear – Baker  

Dylan Forbes – Loop Digga 


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