Greystones based Producer and DJ Cnámha has recently released a new EP on the LA based label TAR. ‘Faith, Skin and Pleasure’ is a three track EP defying genres such as hard trance, techno and hardcore.

Cnámha‘s EP also includes two remixes from Syn and Estoc, with Syn giving ‘Faith, Skin and Pleasure’ an energetic, hard drum treatment and Estoc managing to turn ‘Hardcore Pleasure’ into a more extreme version of itself, reminiscent of the Thunderdome sound.

TAR is a collective label consisting of three track releases from artists all over the world, but based in Los Angeles and run by PBDY. Previous releases on the label have featured the likes of WWWINGS, Alfred English and Kai Whiston to name a few. TAR has helped to pioneer more experimental genres in electronic music in recent years helping to give rise to the deconstructed club sound.

The tracks were a long time coming, produced in 2018 and remixed in 2019 then later having found a home on TAR as a highly influential of Cnámha’s due to PBDY reaching out to one of his edits found on Soundcloud. The rest is history. Cnámha also recently contributed a track to TAR’s recent ‘Class of 2020’ compilation album. You can check out the compilation here.

You can purchase ‘Faith, Skin and Pleasure’ and TAR on their Bandcamp page here. Please keep in mind that Bandcamp waive their fees to support artists throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, each and every Friday.

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