Dan Ryan has released a 90’s inspired eurphic track entitled ‘Something Positive’ which is accompanied by a music video he also created to form a body of work that we really enjoyed.

Dan Ryan is a Dublin native and has been making music for years, with some of his older tracks such as Housewerk from 2012 still finding their ways onto dance floors to this day. Dan’s tracks on Youtube are all accompanied by old video footage from the 80s & 90s, which he uses to add to the experience of the tracks. His latest track ‘Something Positive’ features a video which is made up exclusively from videos and footage he compiled from his mobile phone.

Featuring lots of clips from around Dublin such as Sandymount and Blackrock, alongside the inclusion of clips of a child at play, creates a strong sense of freedom and innocence, accompanied by the warm, euphoric and uplifting track. The complete piece is more of an experience than just a song.

This video and track initially gave us the same sense of fulfilment and curiosity as Mall Grab’s recent video for ‘Leaving Tokyo’ did. With the videos made up of what could seem like random clips, they come together to create an enlightening movement through the track.

You can check out and support Dan via his Youtube or his Bandcamp.

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