Ahead of Detroit Swindles long awaited return to Dublin in this December, we thought we’d take a look at their globally revered label ‘Heist Recordings’ and pick out some our favourite releases.
Detroit Swindle first burst on to the scene, making a big impact with their ‘Guess What’ EP on the notorious German imprint Dirt Crew Recordings back in 2012. The duo carried on from the success of that release with the infamous ‘Wrap Around’ EP on Saints & Sonnets.
The following year Lars & Marteen decided it was time for them to start a label of their own, an outlet for both themselves and other artists that interested them to release music on… The result was Heist.
Since it’s inception in 2013, Heist Recordings has released music from over 20 different artists such as Fouk, Andy Hart, Brame & Hamo, Nebraska and Adryiano to name but a few.
The label has been as the forefront of house music for the last five years and much like Detroit Swindle, it’s showing now signs of slowing down any time soon.
Anyway, without further adieu… Our favourite Heist records.
1. Fouk – Lefty’s Bar

2. Detroit Swindle – Pursuit

3. Brame & Hamo – Parish Rumours

4. Andy Hart – Epsilon Girls

5. Nachtbraker – Hamdi

6. Detroit Swindle – Alright (We’ll Be) 

7. Fouk – With Lasers

8. Brame & Hamo – Ghetto For You  

9. Fouk – Ken Sent Me 

10. Detroit Swindle – The Break Up 

Detroit Swindle play District 8 on December 22 with support coming from local up-and-comers Adult Store.

Get involved on the event here and grab tickets here.


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