HAAi joins the UK based label, Mute as she comes through with a stellar six-track EP, “Systems Up, Windows Down”

Australian artist, HAAi releases brand new music on prestigious, UK based label, Mute. Featuring six tracks, the EP showcases HAAi’s incredible versatility and originality. Distinct break beats, creative sampling and bass heavy tracks make for an entertaining mixture of techno styled tracks.

HAAi has gone from strength to strength in recent years, her Essential Mix of the year, an incredibly memorable Boiler Room, appearances at most major festivals around Europe, and now her new EP just proves further that HAAi is the next big thing.

Concentrating on tougher club elements, the System Up, Windows Down EP brings a raw club sound that is nailed down perfectly. Already a distinct sound associated with HAAi’s name, heavy bass lines and crisp breaks create the basis of her sound but with each track, unexpected surprises with even more lovable elements can be heard throughout each track.

Buy digitally and pre-order the vinyl of Systems Up, Windows Down right here.

A1. Don’t Flatter Yourself Love
A2. Stop Looking At Me Swan
A3. 6666
B2. It’s Something We Can All Learn From
B3. Systems Up, Windows Down

Listen to the full EP below:

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