Mall Grab finally drops his latest Looking For Trouble release with a fully packed four track EP

The much loved Australian born artist makes his latest addition to the self-owned Looking For Trouble label. Previous releases between Looking For Trouble and co owned Steel City Dance Discs have made a home for a number of highly respected releases from the artist. The four track EP, Sunflower has a non stop collection of fast paced and emotional tracks that stay distinct with that classic Mall Grab touch.

Title track, Sunflower gained deserved pre-release excitement as it closed out many of Mall Grab’s sets. Harnessing his very own motivation, Mall Grab’s “Positive Energy Forever” shines through on Sunflower with an impressive blend of techno and happy feel good emotion, something that will always have a good moment attached to it.

Hidden Worlds follows suit with a slightly harder edge while still maintaining that euphoric rave feel that he nails down time and time again, while Switchblade turns down the tempo and brings a darker atmosphere with it, an unforgettable warping bass line, contrasting high melodies and an intimidating vocal loop brings a rough and ready club cut.

Leaving Tokyo closes out the vinyl release with drone bass lines and sharp synths that fit on top of a classic Mall Grab drum pattern.

Digital fans can get a revamped version of Hidden Worlds and Switchblade that inject a fresh amount of energy, making them into even more impressive peak time club tracks. Don’t rest of on any of these.

Describing the latest release Mall Grab says, “Sunflower serves as a representation of what’s to come for 2020, and how 2019 and every aspect of it influenced my world and the world around me. Recorded in Tokyo and New York, two of my favourite and most inspirational places (to me), Sunflower comprises 4 tracks which are a stand alone project, but an introduction to the debut Mall Grab album slated for a late 2020 release.”

The news of “a late 2020 release.” in the form of an album, comes as a very welcome piece of news leaving us with yet another year of high expectations from the ever impressive artist.

Purchase a copy of the brand new Mall Grab release right here.

1. Sunflower
2. Hidden Worlds
3. Switchblade
4. Leaving Tokyo
5. Hidden Worlds (Rave Mix) (Digital Only)
6. Switchblade (Drone) (Digital Only)

Listen to the Sunflower EP below:

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