Shanti Celeste announces her forthcoming album, Tangerine landing this November.

The UK artist recently announced the forthcoming release of her debut album, ‘Tangerine‘. The release is set to come this November 15th on Peach Discs.

Speaking about her sway in an album release compared to EP she says “When I made music for EPs, sometimes I felt restricted,” she says. “I would think too much about creating the moments on the dancefloor I love – seeing visions of ecstatic people hugging, I didn’t give myself free reign to express all of myself. Writing an album made me feel free of all this because it seemed like an open-ended project. I could just keep creating until I felt like stopping”

Pre-order the album right here.

A1. Infinitas
A2. Sun Notification
B1. Sesame
B2. May The Day
B3. Natura
C1. Want
C2. Voz (Instrumental)
C3. Slow Wave
D1. Aqua Block
D2. Moons

Listen to her upcoming release in Yamamori Tengu when Shanti delivers her distinct sound to the Dublin venue on 11th October.

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