Legendary Irish DJ and foreman of the fantastic ‘Give Us The Night’ campaign, Sunil Sharpe, spoke on RTE Radio 1 Yesterday discussing “Should Licensing Laws Change To Improve Ireland’s Nightlife” alongside Deirdre Reynolds, who is a writer for The Sunday World.

This discussion is definitely progress and having a platform like Radio 1 supporting or at least giving the exposure to this topic is fantastic. It not only gives the campaign more credibility but also brings it to a new demographic that may have not been aware of some of the issues we, as a community face. Radio 1 would typically have an older listener base and these are they people who’s support could help promote this campaign more.

You can listen to the interview by heading over to the RTE Radio 1 player here. It’s great to see this topic being discussed amongst some other important and crucial issues facing people in Ireland.

Give Us The Night work tirelessly to make progress on the issues and challenges that face our industry and we can’t thank them enough for their work. However, there is something we can all do too, especially coming up to the general election in February. We put this out on our social’s during the week but here are questions you can ask your local politicians to find out their views on these issues and who’s willing to help the cause.

You can also get more information on the ‘Give Us The Night’ website.

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