Tommy Holohan returns with the second volume of of Skull Crushing Techniques.

After nearly a year long break from releases, Tommy Holohan is back with another edition of Skull Crushing Techniques. The five track EP comes out on Berlin label, Haven. The same label who released the first volume of Skull Crushing Techniques which featured the very popular ‘Ask For Absolution’ track; getting support from Dax J, DJ Stingray, Helena Hauff and many more, we can definitely expect this volume to get the same attention.

The five-track EP continues the power from the first edition with a combination of blistering drums, smart sampling and melodic pads that make this EP stand out from the rest. The track ‘Father’ takes a change in direction with energetic breaks, euphoric pads, classic piano stabs and a sample you may or may not pick up on which comes together to make a pacy 160bpm banger.

Don’t sleep on this one.

1. Unedeuxtrois
2. Fear What You Don’t Understand
3. Trancegression
4. Father
5. Mega.D

Skull Crushing Techniques Vol.2 arrives on the 22nd of November, Grab your pre-order your copy right here.

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