For it’s 3rd release Dublin label 393 Recordings looks to both home and abroad for it’s latest double-header which is released on 29/01/2020. Across 4 tracks Carlow’s Tr One and Marseille’s Life Recorder play out their own idiosyncratic takes on deep techno.

Take a journey into inner space with Irish producer Tr One (Don’t Be Afraid / Lunar Disko / Apartment Records) on the opening “1.2.9”, where the Irish producer delivers a typically deep, mood-enhancing trip through his machines. Terse percussion and handclaps off-set a driving, funk-induced bass-line, all of which is enveloped by distant, yet warm pads, bringing the listener in various directions at the one time. “Dedication” maintains the opener’s sense of eerie intensity, this time with a lighter melodic touch returning the music, and the listener, back out into the open air.

With a back catalogue that includes releases on such lauded labels as Aesthetic Audio and Hizou Deep Rooted Music, Marseille’s Life Recorder reimagines classic techno sounds in his own inimitable fashion. Atmospheric cuts focused on the deeper realms of the dance floor.

Delivered with a deft lightness of touch, “Impulse” is carried through with interlocking riffs that bounce off crisp drum programming before “State of Mind” delivers the record’s most intense moments where we delve back into techno’s inner space again. Layered with a variety of murky, hypnotic and tripped-out machinations, 393×003 closes off with a suitably unshakeable sense of foreboding funk.  

Check out the tune below

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