Police in Northumbria, UK have issued a warning out for blue Tesla ecstasy pills that are currently circulating in the market. The pills themselves are said to contain methamphetamine or meth and also cocaine.

This obviously leading to be a serious danger as users of the drug are expecting to be sold ecstasy. The pills are also said to be circulating around Manchester after a Reddit user posted about buying one. Another user then replied explaining how they contained meth.

This warning about blue Tesla pills also comes after a warning in 2016 for Orange Tesla pills which were said to contain up to 240mg of MDMA. This is an extremely high dosage for one pill.

Police are asking anyone who has seen the Blue Tesla pill to contact them immediately.

We’ve seen in the last few months that news surrounding MDMA and ecstasy has been quite regular, for instance recent surveys and studies have shown that MDMA purity is at an all time high.

There are currently no reports of the blue Tesla pill around Ireland yet but if you are to see one, please steer well clear and keep yourself safe. For more information on keeping up-to-date with ecstasy pills, check out our article on pillreports and how to use it.




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