From it’s humble beginnings all the way back in 2016, The Local Selection Mix Series today celebrates it’s 100th edition. Sam Greenwood provides us with just over an hour of techno goodness.

Four Four has always focused and given priority to supporting, nourishing and showcasing Irish talent, the Local Selection Series was founded on exactly that premise and has stayed that way throughout its existence. The series has hosted some of Ireland’s biggest DJ’s & producers, long before they took to main stages, or headline slots, and will continue to do so, as the talent continues to flow from our fine little island.

To celebrate the 100th mix in the series, there is no one more fitting to feature than Four Four founder Sam Greenwood.

Sam Greenwood, originally from Bangor in Wales, has been DJing at, and throwing some of Ireland’s biggest & best events for over 10 years now. Before coming to Dublin, Sam began running events under his UK brand ‘The Priory’ in Cambridge in 2005, where they hosted names such as Carl Craig, Paul Woolford, Billy Nasty, Radioactive Man, Altern 8, Derek Carter, Kevin Saunderson & many more in an intimate 250 capacity venue. Following on from this and on to his introduction into the Irish scene, having moved here in 2009, came in the shape of a headline show at POD for Trainwreck.

Over the following years, Sam got more and more involved in the Irish dance music scene being a frequent name on lineups across the country. He then became part of the team running Hangar, one of Ireland’s most beloved dance music venues, the iconic Techno & Cans collective, as well as The Building Society Agency, which is one of the first, and leading Irish DJ agencies, which focuses on building the careers of some of Ireland’s best talent.

This is one to add to the favourites and certainly one we can see finding it’s rightful place at parties, and after parties for quite some time.

Also, for those who may be new to Four Four, Sam actually featured quite some time ago as the 10th mix with a B2B set with Tommy Holohan from Life Festival, you can check that out here.

If you want to deep dive into our Local Selection Series more, check out the playlist or the rest on our Soundcloud.

This “Local Selection Mix Series” is brought to you by our partner Red Bull, helping you discover Ireland’s most talented artists. You can check out more of what’s going on in the world of Red Bull Music here.

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