We return to the notorious green bathroom in Berlin for yet another mix of the week, as yet another emerald isle selector graces the booth. Our mix of the week comes from Small Crab as she absolutely smashed her HÖR debut.

Dublin based DJ & producer, Small Crab has been a finely crafting a broken beat and percussive sound that has found her laying it down on DDR, Netil Radio, Refuge Worldwide, Subtle Radio and more. A finely tuned sound that bounces through UKG, hard drum, electro, techno and breaks has been capturing listeners from Ireland and further in recent times.

Small Crab is an integral part of the Dublin based Skin and Blister collective, a Dublin based platform that aim’s to nurture and encourage Female, Trans and Non-Binary creatives in the realm of music and the arts.

Small Crab’s debut on HÖR is an excellent example of what the Dublin based artist is all about. Small Crab runs through bass heavy, broken, sub shaking beats with great prowess. A refreshing blend of broken artillery that defines genre as she mixes through a multitude of styles that all fly under the broken umbrella.

Her appearance on HÖR came as part of Paryìa FM, Marie Montexier’s (Also an excellent DJ, check her out) label. Small Crab will be releasing her debut EP on Paryìa Records soon, so watch this space.

This is your Friday soundtrack.

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