Nightclubs have been back in full swing for the last two weekends in Ireland. As the dust settles from a joyous two weekends which represented dancings homecoming in the Republic Of Ireland, Dublin is now subject to a new party, Crane Club. Crane club arrives on Dublin terrority with a fresh set of views, values and ethos for their party.

“Crane Club is a new Dublin based collective inspired by the gentrification that Dublin has been subject to for an undesirable number of years now. Our city has been turned into a building site at the expense of some dearly missed venues and creative spaces. We wanted to create a theme that represents this while also paying homage to the strong attitudes of Dublin’s nightlife crowd that will continue to fight to keep the club scene alive. The cranes may stay up and destroy what’s below, but we will always find ways to have fun – regardless.”

At Crane Club, Everyone is invited to our club night regardless of gender, race, sexuality, class, ability and mobility. Crane Club will be an all inclusive space where we will not only provide a musically diverse experience, but we will ensure that the venues we work with understand the importance of QTIPOC safety.

The launch of Crane Club will take place in Yamamori Tengu on Thursday the 25th of November and the lineup consists of all Irish locals inc; Sohotsospicy b2b Darkmavis, Sharpson, Pissabelle & Derv.

You can purchase tickets here.

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