While club culture and the clubbing community once again faces closures after a short stint of re-opening, it can be difficult to not have fears for the future of the culture in Ireland. Give Us The Night are hosting a meeting today to discuss more optimistic topics, as we try modernise our Sale of Alcohol Bill.

Give Us The Night and the wider clubbing community have been fighting for reform, in opening hours for our night-time industry for well over a decade now. Earlier last year we made great progress as the government openly addressed the problem and would look at reform.

“We will be having an online meeting this Wednesday in relation to the Department of Justice’s recently launched public consultation on licensing (submissions are open until January 21st 2022). The long awaited Sale of Alcohol Bill, which will define and modernise how venues like nightclubs can legally operate in the future, will soon be published with the view of enacting into law next year. This is the last stage of consultation before it goes to an internal steering group within the department and the bill is then published. It is our hope and expectation that this bill will be published in the first quarter of 2022. We know that many people are planning to respond to the consultation, so we are holding a meeting this Wednesday to discuss the questions asked in it and to answer any questions some of you may have in relation to it.”

Registration is no longer available for this event but there will be another event held next week for those who missed out.

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