This week’s Local Selection Mix Series entry welcomes Sligo-based DJ notjack as he champions the two-hundredth and third spot in superb fashion. Spanning just shy of 90 minutes you will be pleased to hear a range of breaks, acid, bass and more throughout this eloquent recording on this fine Wednesday.

Having gained lucrative experience over the course of the last 5 years, notjack has gone on to support a range of high-profile names in dance music that include Eliza Rose, salute, Shampain, Riot Code, R.Kitt, False Persona, Aloka and more over that time. Not to mention, notjack held an impressive residency on the now-defunct 1020 Radio which was a Bristol-based community radio station where his show ‘Ascension’ took place. His radio show hosted a wide range of international and domestic DJs and producers, some of which included High Fidelity, Derv, Ricky Chong, Becky, Midweek and more since he first aired his debut Ascension show in December 2021. Showcasing a sound that is rich with bass, breaks, acid, house and so on which allowed him to showcase a wide array of genres with his Local Selection staying true to that sound. Notjack will also be making his international debut in London this summer for a Vief Records label showcase alongside esteemed artists Parallels and Luma.

Notjack also co-runs Select Music with Ian Harte (AKA Etrah). Together, they have hosted many nights in Sligo Town over the years in an attempt to execute their mission of showcasing a diverse range of local and international talent to the Northwest and giving back to a scene that has done so much for them. Having run mostly students in recent years, Select is now focusing on bringing quality underground music to the weekend scene in Sligo. Bringing quality dance music experiences to a town deprived of clubbing, they welcome Efa O’Neill to The Penthouse in Lola Montez this Saturday with notjack on support. Buzz!

You can keep up to date with all things notjack here.

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