The ever growing household name that is Cristoph is releasing his latest collaboration with Franky Wah & Artche on Pryda Presents today. Dyl Moore caught up with Cristoph and got to ask him a couple of questions about the release.

The EP ‘The World You See’ is the first release for Cristoph & Franky Wah of the year, and their first collaboration. After two widely successful debut guest mixes on the infamous BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix series, with one month, separating the two artists, it seemed like perfect timing to release a track together.

The World You See is a euphoric anthem that feels like it will be in DJ’s playlists for years to come, with a timeless sound and intoxicating vocals that have the ability to draw anyone in. It is a delectably written track that will be the pinnacle point of many sets this year.

Cristoph had previously collaborated with vocalist Artche on his 2018 release Voice of Silence, who had since gone on to work with some industry greats like Lane 8 & Sasha to name a few. 2020 has been a whirlwind for Franky Wah, releasing tracks on Afterlife & Last Night On Earth, including the latter going to number one in the Beatport charts. No less than 12 months after he was named a future star by Pete Tong, he gets the nod to record his essential mix in December.

Dyl got to have a chat with Cristoph before the release and ask him about the process of the track, and how it was working alongside Franky Wah, Artche & Eric Prydz on the release.

Dyl: Does it get any less surreal signing again on Pryda presents with another fantastic track, or do you feel you bring something new to the label each time you work with Eric?

Cristoph: It’s always an amazing feeling signing my music to my mentor and my inspiration’s label. I’m glad he’s enjoying what I’m doing. I always try to keep my music evolving and try to add new elements but also try to keep parts of my signature sound.

Dyl: How was it working on this track alongside fellow essential mix guest Frankie Wah, is this the first time you’ve worked with him and how did it come about?

Cristoph: Me and Franky have talked about doing stuff together for a while. Both our inboxes are often full with people suggesting we should do it and I think during the first lockdown he done a Q&A and he believed the most popular answer for a collab was me. So me and Artche had been working on the record after he showed me his amazing vocal. I sent the idea to Franky and it all came together from there.

Check out the short promo video created for the release below, it’s quite simply stunning.

The release is out today [February 26th] on all platforms, and can be purchased here.

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