Sunil Sharpe’s Earwiggle imprint announced their second EP of the year today, as Luke’s Anger steps up to the plate for his first release on the Dublin-based label. The UK producer serves up 5 tracks of pumping bleeped-out hysteria that defy genre boundaries, but are unified by Luke’s signature face-melting groove.

Luke’s Anger has been pumping out fine-tuned wonky techno rhythms for nearly two decades on some of the UK’s most authoritative labels in the world of screeching techno funk. Appearances on Don’t, Uglyfunk, Sneaker Social Club, Tigerbeat 6, his own Bonus Round, and many more have made him a cult figure in UK’s contemporary bleep techno community.

The “Rear Wiggle EP” is Luke’s dedication to bleep techno at its junction with swinging ’90s Chicago, with inspirations ranging from Neil Landstrumm to Paul Johnson (RIP), Daniel Bell, DJ Hyperactive, Thomas Bangalter, Subhead, and long-time label affiliate Jerome Hill.

Over the course of five tracks, Luke’s Anger incorporates many elements that modern techno needs more of as the producer leans on shuffling rhythms, screaming riffs, phat-pumping bass, funk, hypnotism, and so on. Whatever your taste, there’s bound to be a dancefloor weapon here to make your night unforgettable.

It’s rare that a new techno release really stops us in our tracks & Luke’s Anger’s debut on Earwiggle does just that. Techno releases can often be monotonously monomaniacal and repulsively glossy, but fortunately for us, neither Luke’s Anger or Sunil Sharpe subscribe to these conventions, and it’s releases like these that really make you question the definition of modern-day authentic techno funk. Luke’s signature groove is instantly recognisable, yet always whole-heartedly original, functional and charming. This is bohemian techno at its roaring best.

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