Today we premiere a heavy hardcore banger ‘Pigeons Are Government Spies’ from Dublin based producer, Erik Burka. A cut of 170bpm terror from his ‘Pigeons Aren’t Real’ EP, which is releasing on Swiss Hardcore and Industrial Label “Manareïm”. 

Dublin based and Latvian born producer Erik Burka kicked off his production debut with the self released ‘Charging Pigeon Batteries’ in mid 2020, where he showcased his hardcore techno and experimental sound which has since led to a string of releases on Insane Industry Records, Hard Gang and Talamh Records as well as featuring on platforms such as Motz, Rave Session and the infamous Hard Vision. With no signs of slowing down, he has many releases planned for the next year and were delighted to be premiering his latest track ‘Pigeons Are Government Spies’ on our SoundCloud channel from his ‘Pigeons Aren’t Real’ EP, releasing on Swiss hardcore techno imprint Manareïm

As you may have noticed so far, there is a reoccurring theme with Pigeons and I must explain the philosophy behind the EP’s name and his debut release. The Pigeon theme began with Erik as a subtle reference to government spy conspiracy theories which then morphed into the distinctive mascot for Erik’s fascination for distorted, indescribable and harrowing noises which can be heard throughout his EP. The opener ‘Have You Ever seen A Baby Pigeon’ (which premiered last week on ‘Rave Session’) provides a more conventional flow with some extreme hard style kicks throughout, compared to ‘Pigeons Are Government Spies’ which demonstrates a more Avant Gard style of Hardcore which challenges the boundaries of the genre for listeners, helping them to “experience the bliss of aural bondage”. Along with the two above tracks, the EP is completed with the remix treatment from PLEXØS and HASHTAGA, two producers who have also strived to break down the boundaries between techno and hardcore music. 

Artwork credit to the talented Lawenke.

Check out Erik Burka’s other releases and mixes on his SoundCloud and keep up to date with his day to day activities on his Instagram page here. If the darker, harder and faster styles of electronic music is your thing, check out the Manareïm labels Bandcamp page here.

Due to release this Sunday, we have copped the premiere of ‘Pigeons Are Government Spies’ to stream today on our SoundCloud! Check it out.

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