We begin a whopping week of premieres with an equally tremendous track, from one of Ireland’s greatest techno producers in the countries history. We’re delighted to give you the first glance at Fran Hartnett’s most recent project on one of Dublin’s finest techno label’s within the last decade, RLSD.

Only a handful of Irish techno producers have been able to create an enigma quite like Fran Hartnett. With just over a handful of releases to his name, the Dublin based techno arbiter has crafted a legacy that still percolates and influences newer generations, while also galvanising Dublin techno mainstays.

Releases on formative techno labels such as Audio Assault, Plector & User Experience have cemented Hartnett’s name as straight up Dublin techno legend. Tracks like ‘It Was Written In Vapour’ and ‘Game Code’ from his Audio Assault EP remain authoritative techno tracks that rest alongside some of techno’s most celebrated names on Audio Assault.

One of Dublin’s illustrious hardware junkies not only rests beside lionised techno figures but has released on the same 12 inch as many of them, including; Stanislav Tolkachev, Charlton, Sleeparchive, Joe Farr and now Radial also known as Jeroen Liebregts.

For Fran’s second appearance on RLSD he returns with a four track record comprised of FM techno righteousness. From wonky broken thrillers, to straight four to the floor functional deepness, a live excerpt that is simply analogue heaven & the record is complete with a remix from Audio Assault co-founder, Radial.

Today we premiere ‘Wake’, which encapsulates Fran’s groove that has become synonymous with the Dublin producer. Scowling synths move assiduously through the track as the main lead warps and excogitate. The track is hardware madness and is a telescopic look at what Fran has been conjuring in the studio.

This record is a tip of the hat remembering the memorable & pushing the techno sound into its welcomed, evolved soundscape. As a whole this 12″ Brings a new dimension to FM techno & solidifies the next wave of Dark & driving Techno.

You can purchase the release here.

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