Our second premiere of the week, comes from one of the most in demand producers and DJ’s in techno right now, Hadone. The French based producer has delivered a clean cut, rhythmic, catchy and melodic dance floor weapon, that’s been beautifully rolled up into just over six minutes.

The prolific producer has delivered the goods once again. Having made some of the biggest techno hits of the last few years, he puts his Hadone trademark on yet another project. Tracks like ‘Hope Reminds Me Of Her’, ‘Timing The Passion’, ‘On The Edge Of Adhesion’, ‘Miles Away’ and more have culminated into the millions of streams on various platforms for the French producer.

The track is driven by a pounding kick dum, fleeting synth lines, sharp percussion hits and an encapsulating vocal loop. The later part of the track see’s Hadone put his trademark euphoric stamp on the track. Long and wide pads take centre stage for ultimate dance floor, euphoria from the young French maestro.

The ‘Tetragonal EP’ marks the fourth and final release of the Stone Techno series for this year. German label, Third Room have collaborated with the Ruhr Museum foundation in order to create a very unique concept which refers to the notable history of the Ruhr Area. Delivering a brilliant 4 track VA with music from Dax J, Hadone, Colin Benders & Felix Fleer.

You can pre-order the release here.

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