Sarah Lennox is a name that has been constantly popping up around Dublin for a number of years. With a massive CV of experience that outweighs most selectors in the country, and her flawless sets that consist of high energy sounds, she has more than proved herself a worthy artist in Dublin’s scene that has stood the test of time.

Sarah Lennox has been involved in Dublin’s music scene behind the decks for over ten years now, reminiscing back to her residencies on Pirate Radio and her ‘Sauce’ residency in one of Dublin’s most iconic venues, The Kitchen. She has gone to become a festival regular in Ireland, performing the likes of Life Festival, Mass Festival, also becoming a resident artist at Fuinneamh Festival. Combine this with being a resident for the well known Secret Society, she has built quite a reputation for herself.

Going further afield Sarah has also been invited abroad to play at the likes of Ministry of Sound & EGG in London, Sankeys in Ibiza and even Elrow Town Festival!

Sarah’s production began in 2017 with a string of releases on labels like Day & Night, 69 Street Records and Playground. Since then she has gone back under the radar to further develop her sound and refine herself into a prominent artist with a hunger to produce her own brand of heavy, grooving basslines with powerful synths.

Her latest track ‘Kaleidoscope’ which is out today, is a full bodied emotional track with a fabulous groove and dark warehouse energy which makes it perfect for a wide range of sets. This is a track we expect to hear in many different sets and mixes across the summer. It has the perfect mixture of hypnotic grooving drums, modulated synth and a reverb which emulates a warehouse space sending the listener into state or reminiscence about days spent at festivals.

I got to have a chat with Sarah about the release and her music along with her thoughts about being one of Dublin’s, if not Ireland’s most respected females artists in the scene.

Q. How does it feel to be back releasing tracks after spending some time away developing your sound?

A. Feels absolutely amazing to be releasing music again! Took the year to work hard in the studio and on myself. Didn’t seem logical to release music last year as there were no clubs or festivals on for them to be played out!

Q. Is Kaleidoscope an example of the Sarah Lennox sound we expect to hear in your future releases coming down the line?

A. Yes 100% I’ve been trying really hard to make stuff that suits my style and my sets that I play out! So yesss lots more like this and also a remix coming for Irish techno producer Jonno on his really cool track ‘la musica’ which I can’t wait to finish.

Q. You’ve become a role model being one of the most reputable women in Dublin with a list of residencies, productions and venues played as long as your arm. Have you any advice for females pushing through at the moment?”

A. My advice to any DJ, not just women is to stay focused, don’t just do it for fame or money, do it for the passion and the love of music. Stay humble, dedicated an work hard on all avenues. If you’re just starting out, then do regular mixes and send them out, brush up on your marketing skills. If you’re producing and looking to release, then educate yourself on the labels you like, events they’re running and find out who is their a&r etc.. And the last bit of info which I always give to anyone is do your own thing, never compare your success to others, your time will come.

The track is out on the reliable Full Tilt Records today and available tp purchase here. If Sarah’s music is to your liking, check out Full Tilt Records who have released tracks with the likes of Whoriskey & Element 108.

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